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I am Natlely

I am Natlely

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Kurang Ajar / Know-Too-Little-But-Act-Too-Much-Attitude

The Kurang Ajar / Know-Too-Little-But-Act-Too-Much-Attitude

                I think we’ve all encountered people like this in our live; some on an occasional basis; some maybe more. What I want to share here is on the bouts I’ve had with certain people I’ve come across in my life (Which is still a journey to finish since I’m 28 years old this year), with very little brains and too much pride.

1. “I really don’t like certain dog breeds”

When I type the above heading, I’m actually talking about so called self-proclaimed experts who suddenly has an opinion on our furry friends. You see, such people are not only rude, but also about as smart as a peanut I found in a jar. I’ll share one particular scenario with you, my dear friends:

Just a very routine hang out with a couple of friends, I am still me, my friend is A, and the other friend is B and so on.
We were having a conversation about certain dogs and my friend A, tells me about the dog breed she prefers. Bear in mind that this block-head never had a dog in her life, except perhaps, her relative owns one, and whom I doubt knows nuts about how to keep a dog.
“So your dog is a (Insert breed name)?” She asks.
I nodded, happily sharing because I’m a dog lover. “Yeah, dogs are amazing, really sweet too,”
“I really don’t like (Insert dog breed), they’re so noisy!” She exclaimed with dramatic intonation.
I could barely contain my urge to roll my eyes and give her a piece of my mind, if we weren’t friends. You accept your friends, albeit how judgmental or how smart they think they are, but actually aren’t.

This is not the only time I’ve had a brainless friend tell me the same thing. Some brainless person has told me the same thing about certain dog breeds I’ve owned.

Now, first thing’s first, tell me a dog breed that doesn’t bark or yap. Dogs are born to bark, just like how we are born to produce sounds with our vocal chords. If you’re unwilling to put up with the occasional yapping or whimpering, you’re better off owning a hamster, which screeches when they’re displeased or are fighting, trust me because I’ve had a litter of them before.

I was raised with dozens of dogs, literally. In fact, I was raised in a family of dog lovers, owning at least 2 at any given time. We’ve had Rottweilers (Both Australian and German breeds, which the media gave a bad name to), Boxers, Terriers, Shepherds, Huskies, Mastiffs, Bichon Frise (s), pomeranians, big, small and tiny breeds. As long as I’ve lived, I’ve had dogs. The breed that we loved the most would be Rottweilers because we’ve had them for a really long time. Despite the stereotype being poured here and there saying how vicious and horrible Rottweilers are, you’d be surprised to know that I started playing with 5-6 of them since I was a kid. I even take afternoon naps with the few that sleeps in my living room. I was about 5 at the time. They were especially loving and sweet, never once even nipping me by accident. Even after literally decades of having the same breed all the while, I wouldn’t dare say that one type of dog breed has the same attitude as another. And here comes my Airhead friend (and I can’t even call her a bimbo because she isn’t very pretty) who is making comments about what type of dogs make the most noise.
Let me give you a lesson, my airhead compadre, even experts in dog behavior tells us that every dog is different from another in terms of attitude. Certain traits are only given as a guideline. All dogs come from a common ancestor and are interbred to form this many breeds you see now. Certain breeds are continued so as to keep traits the breeder likes and be used for different chores, but not every dog of the same breed has the same attitude.

So please, keep your opinion to yourself when you know nothing about dogs.

2. For me la, I won’t choose what you chose, because it’s not worth it.

I think you know this type of behavior. Let me give you an example: you just purchased something which you think will be useful for you or that you will enjoy using. When being asked, you tell your friend that yeah, you bought it. And being an easy-going individual, you share your joy by telling them what you enjoy most about your newly owned trinket. (It could be a car, it could be a tasty meal, it could be a nice handbag, it could even be a pair of shoes or a trip)

Your friend, being the smart ass she thinks she is, gives you a piece of her mind. If it’s a car, she tells you it’s not an asset, it’s a burden. That is why she takes the public transport to work, or that she has a better car choice than what you have bought (Bear in mind you did not tell her that your car is the best in the world or what). If it’s a trip, she tells you it’s not worth the money, and that she could have gotten a better deal if it were her, because SHE IS SUCH A SMART ASS when it comes to expenditure, and if it’s a bag, she’ll say, oh it’s not that expensive, you can get it online with a deal. Also, if it’s a good meal, she’ll tell you she could use that much money and spend it elsewhere.

Uhm, listen here bitch, it’s my money and I would like to indulge every once in a while. I don’t judge you when you spend your money on useless things elsewhere. I bought a car because my work place is not accessible with public transportation easily ( don’t teach me about public transportation, I moved to Kuala Lumpur a few years earlier than you to work and study, I’ve been taking public transportation since then, smart ass).

Btw, my boyfriend bought me the bag, Just because your guy isn’t a gentleman and would COUNT EACH AND EVERY CENT when he buys you a gift doesn’t mean mine will. YOU SHOULD GET ANOTHER MAN so you don’t feel inferior when talking to me.

Also, if you think my guy spending a few hundred “2-3 times” in a year to eat better food in a better restaurant on a special occasion is dumb and the money could be put to better use, THAT PROVES YOUR MAN IS A STINGY PIG. AGAIN, PLEASE GET ANOTHER MAN and stop feeling inferior when talking to me.

My dear brainless and jealous compadre, it’s not because it’s not worth it, it’s just because “YOU ARE JEALOUS”.

3. It’s not that I am more stupid than you, it’s just that I didn’t revise as much as you.

Let’s put one thing straight here, I actually agree with the statement above. These are usually lines used by people who either failed their exams, or has not scored as well as you did. They say these lines because they want to feel as though they’re not inferior.

I don’t disagree with it. No one is born smart. I think it is all about effort and hard work. However, by not disagreeing does not make me think you’re any lesser a very uninspiring, dull and lazy individual. You have so much time to think up excuses but you couldn’t put that effort to good use and brush up your intellectual skills, so that explains why I think you probably shouldn’t be a human. Maybe, you can be livestock. That way, all your work requires is that you eat and wait to be slaughtered.

4. I don’t need to be a top student to be a millionaire.

Again, another cliché. Also, used by people who are incessantly jealous or inferior even when not provoked. Let’s see, most successful people in the world had education in their background, no matter how little. Mark Zuckerberg graduated from Harvard. Einstein, contrary to popular belief was an above-average student in university. Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, scored 1590 points out of 1600 on his SAT to qualify for Harvard. Tell me, my dear friend, which one of these successful individual aren’t educated or are top in their studies?

I don’t deny that there are a handful of uneducated men who are millionaires, but what do you think these millionaires tell their children? Don’t study? You can be a millionaire like me without studying? Go figure.

You don’t have to be a top student to be a millionaire, yes…just graduate from high school and go buy a lottery ticket, you might have a chance.

5. You think you’re so smart just because you graduated from University and I didn’t.

Now, now, I don’t think people who graduated from university are any smarter than people who didn’t. However, if you are to blame your misfortunes or your lack of intellect and reason on not graduating from university, then I do look down on you.

By using the sentence above, I think your lack of exposure is appalling. Going to university doesn’t make you smart in everything, you are probably more well versed and trained in the field you chose, and probably acquire better concepts or reasoning, depending on the major you have. So don’t blame me for thinking you are an idiot.

This is not because you are not educated, but because you blame your inability to reason on your lack of education. Please do not mix intellect in a certain field with intelligence or reasoning, it has nothing to do with that. You cannot win an argument by throwing around excuses like that. Instead, maybe, try to apply simple mature thinking and reason on whatever topics you’re trying to debate, then maybe you’ll find that this world is not as small as a peanut shell, my friend.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Empty Nest Syndrome

Hi, I haven't been blogging for a long time...hmmm but u probably know if ur my fb friend that I was studying for my bar exams. That's over and I didn't have the mood to blog while waiting for the impending doom that I have calculated to befall my future. But the results were out and I got really surprised because it was much better than expected. Anyhow, this post has got nothing to do with my results or my anxiety while waiting for them.

I'm talking about that empty next syndrome. Just in case you have no idea what that is, you should probably google it. After all, google is sort of the mother of all searches. When u want some fast information, half accurate and complicated to verify, u google it.

Simply put, the empty nest syndrome is perhaps a good analogy of a parent when the young ones go off into the world to discover and live their dreams or the lack-of, whichever one applies.

For those who know me, well I'm not married and neither do I have kids, let-alone college going ones so that empty nest syndrome didn't come from kids. It came from my sweetie-pie, the 3 year old long coat chihuahua I own, Mogwai~

As u can see, I love this little bundle of joy. She is my other half of the universe. That happens to me a lot. Whenever I'm awfully close to a dog, I become attached to it and gets agitated when we're separated. If you don't know me well, u need to know that I've had friends that so happen to be dogs around me since I was born. My parents love dogs as much as I do and I think it's simply wonderful I was given the exact same blessing of being able to feel such love for a four-legged creature. I think they're God's most wonderful creation to remind us that there is another living, breathing creature that could love so deep, they literally could die for you.

I've had loads of pet dogs that come and go as I age, from the day I started to remember their names up til now. Mogwai makes me happy. She rarely barks and only does so when she's excited and wants to come down from the bed. Blessed be-me that she isn't the type to bark a lot. The only downside was she is too friendly and could jump onto your lap if you only let her. Not much of a guard-dog material if you ask me but I don't really mind. If I wanted a guard dog I've got bigger ones in my car porch. They're Jackal the Husky and a Mastiff puppy we have yet to name.

I have that empty nest syndrome whenever we're apart. There was once that we decided we should let her find her mate with a male chihuahua when she was in heat. I place her with my parents and had to stay in KL because I had classes to attend. For the whole week she wasn't with me, I was throwing a bitch-fit at anything and everything. I felt annoyed and angry for no particular reason. The mere feeling of going back to a room where my furry little angel didn't greet me with tail-wagging and little kicks of the legs make me unbelievably sad. When I finally got to see her, it was like a lover's reunion minus anything sexual haha.

Then there was today. I asked Dan to take her to KL while I was back in my house in my hometown. I needed to get things done here and when I get back to KL I couldn't possibly let her get into the KTM with me.

I was really lonely while I was at home, even as I typed on my netbook now. She wasn't on my lap like she always was. Sometimes she'd be snoring or other times when she got bored she'd stretched while placing her furry little paws on my chest. Gosh I miss her.

Seriously I cannot wait to see her tomorrow. Wait for mommy little Mogwai =) love u loads and loads.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Disgusting Exotic Food

Dude if you ever subscribe to Astro,make sure u do not tune in to AFC when they're airing the exotic food segment. That's like the worst timing ever.

And before I go on, I'd like to tell the readers of my blog to please not state ur opinions here if they're rude. Btw, I know some of you are gonna say things like "Ahh, but u eat chicken and they bring a lot germs,diseases and some other shit, so what differences do a cockroach or lizard makes?" Dude, if they're so good and u think u wanna try it,please feel free to cos the rest of us conservative eaters would like to stick to our own dishes.Besides, just in case you'd like to comment, I don't take poultry,red meat; only fish and certain types of seafood. Reason? I can't stand the taste and smell after some time. Don't ask me why, I don't really know.

The cockroach deals in Japan.

I switched on to the AFC channel while they're airing dining with death segment. Worst thing ever to happen.
There were this couple of japanese housewife and husband. As the above suggest,they're into cockroaches. I don't know about the rest of you but I have developed a great phobia for these nasty bugs.

One ever walks past me and u'll see me scrambling for help, sometimes screaming sometimes totally mum because my throat just constricts itself.
that's a real phobia ok...check it out.

Anyway, this couple, the husband was raring them. Crazy!!! they were crawling all around his boxes with egg crates.Damn it!He was feeding them too like how he would a chicken.Man, are u serious?A cockroach farm???

The worst part?the preparation. They were frying them and shit. Putting them on tofu and adding soy sauce. Dude, u need to see a doctor.

Then's when it got me really offended. These guys were decorating the cockroaches on carrot slices. Ok, let me get this straight, why does he think that putting cockroach pieces on carrot slices would make them any more tastier than it already is? It's not like bug with carrot slices would make a better dish than just bug itself.

Im like...fark!!!!Goosebumps were breaking everywhere because of it.

Then there's the other thing...

Ratz in Vietnam

My dad will be so skirmish if he ever saw this. Like some of us, he's developed a phobia for rats. Fortunately for me, I actually find them very cute.Which was what makes us both ponder the same thing "Why the hell would they wanna eat ratz??"

Dude, rats were eaten because there's war, or some shitty event where food were scarce. Does last option make no sense to you? How are they making it into delicious and sought after meals now?

I'm sorry, I don't really care what u think but dude, I'm not eating a rat.I'll eat a tree bark before I start on any rodent feast.

Anyway, it's up to you to think about this whole thing.I'm not really interested in whether they're good for u or scrumptious or if ur an exotic food lover, u might wanna try these out. Don't count me in cos I'm not interested, as mentioned above.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Divorce?

Why Choose Divorce?

Some times I wonder why couples go through all those hardships and financial hurdles to get married and yet they get divorced. Worst still, some couples get through marriage preparations actually contemplating divorce such as signing prenuptial agreements.

Note:Just in case ur not hollywood savvy, it simply means in my own words that couples sign pre marriage contracts stating one or the other would not ask for certain shares in property owned by the other.

I call divorces the road of no return.

Let's face it, divorce is an ugly thing. Look at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. If ur famous, it makes things even more complicated with the media breathing down your neck. However, I'd like to focus more on this phenomena of divorce on a small scale level.

Emotional Downpour

Getting a divorce may seem very very easy or yet very very complicated. Divorce procedures vary from country to country. However, the main point is that divorce can get ugly. Whether it's easy or complicated would not really matter much when it comes to the emotional problem you're going to face in divorce.

Most people going through divorce wants an easy way out of their troubles. They fight a little, each hurled emotional and aggressive criticisms at each other and without thinking, they might just shout out divorce. So for a spur of the moment anger, you're actually breaking a vow you made to yourself, to god and to your partner. You go through the ceremony and marriage promising that you'd love your partner, go through every hardship there is to endure and still be with each other. So what happened?
Is all the emotional breakdown with nosy relatives, family explanations and cold legal procedures really necessary?

I'm probably a very hypocritical person. I am afraid of marriage. I think it is a great risk taking.I am not ready to take the leap because I'm not confident with myself. I've been through very bad relationships and it made me realize I am probably not emotionally ready to let another person promise me that he will love me forever and keep it. I think I'm not perfect and I'm far from it. How is it possible that someone will love me forever if I can't even promise myself that I'd love myself forever?

Even though that's the case, I try to think positive that I'd be ready. I think I'd manage to be someone nice and good enough to be able to receive the love of someone who genuinely loves me and keeps his promise. 

I really hope that you will too, if you're reading this.

Quiet Days

You'll probably have back your freedom when you're divorced. You may have a lot of time to think over your life and change it. You may even make it big too. The only problem is that you need time. Imagine that you've been so used to someone being there in your life that suddenly losing it was quite different. You don't have someone thinking about you and whether you were safe anymore when you're not at home. You don't have someone including you in their dinner plans or movie nights when you haven't been asked. You don't have someone to be angry over when they forget important dates.

I enjoy my freedom and I hate it when my boyfriend take that away from me by acting all jealous or controlling. However, I also appreciate the fact that he treasures me enough to put me as a top priority of his. I also like the fact that he worries about me when I didn't answer the phone or that he couldn't see me on time. Nothing is nicer than having someone there to worry about u. Some of us have more and some of us have less, but having is better than not.

Don't be hateful

I know completely well that some of you who may have stumbled on this blog by coincidence will think, she doesn't know what she's writing about at all. A lot of people go through divorce for various reasons. It's not always about wanting to be stubborn over fights.

I understand that. 

I know that there are many things that could break a marriage. There are also various reasons to break a relationship. I'm only concerned with those that are married which really divorce for very flaky and shaky reasons. Reconsider it because divorce is ugly. It is never nice.

For those that are in abusive relationships where your partners never change, please get out of it. After all, divorce is there for a reason. 
Anyhow, I really hope that for those that are married that you will work it out. Because you made a promise to the world that you'll go through hardship through your union through. You also made that promise to your partner. Most important of all, you made it to yourself and you should always keep a promise that you made. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

The one that wouldn't stop expressing him/her self. Gender bias non existent

It's been a freaking long time...since I last sat down and actually blogged my ass off.

So this is about me doing one of my usual rants on daily happenings. U know what, I've been so caught up having a sedentary lifestyle right now that I find myself thinking, dude I gotta write something cos my awesome blog's going to keel over one day from lack of attention its pretty  owner was giving it.

I just wanna rant..because my life is filled with idiots who want to express themselves (courtesy of my dad, who owns the copyright to my family's genes on sarcasm), when their opinions or lack of knowledge really gets to me on a personal level.

I don't know if u've met these general idiots (or at least what I call them), but they are the cream of the crop.

U see, these idiots cannot hold their tongue when they think they know something. They just have to express it out. The best part of it was that I have friends of both genders whom I'd like to call "Mr and Ms know it alls, who actually don't"

There was this one guy~whose name I omitted to mention for personal reasons...which I really don't get. What is this obsession with being right all the time? Dude grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!

Our good friend is the most annoying person on earth when he speaks or tries to show his "intelligence" which is not really very intelligent on any scales.

The best part is the way he seems to want to show u he knows every topic on earth.
Let me give u this hypothetical situation where good friend M tries to outshine the rest.
Say you have intellectual knowledge/ personal experience/ ample studies back up on whatever you're telling them. This good friend will start his stupid rant by saying "It's not like that lah~it's actually like this and that~"
Ish!!!!!!!! Dude, please~ don't be acting like you're very smart when ur not. If I were you, I'd shut up and listen. Take it as an opinion whether u believe it or not. You intellectually challenged moron.

Actually, I have a load of situations where I'd feel like blowing my top when he demonstrates his "intelligence" but somehow, I kept myself in check and watches as he makes a fool of himself. Trust me, people who don't take advice when it's needed (in his case, super needed) is worth u looking at him and making fun of him behind his back.

Then there's this chick who thinks very highly of herself.
How high? Very effing, stupidly, mentally challenged sort of high, y' know?

What is the problem with her? I don't actually know. The kiasu level is freaking epic. I actually thought she might suffer a nervous breakdown if she doesn't get a chance to say the exact opposite of what u just said.
If u ever want to say something that u really know, avoid at all costs from saying it in front of her. Because she'll be sure to tell u she has been through the same thing when it's completely different and make the story all about her. It's pretty much like teaching a teacher how to teach when ur a student.

I wish I could make this post longer so I can trash them but hey, I'm supposed to be doing my yoga now. So adios peeps!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vampy Alert~

What prompted me to start writing about vampires?
a)probably because I was dying on my ass waiting for law firms replying me to offer me an attachment with them,
b)I was obsessed with vamps ever since I was about 12 after watching interview with the vampire and reading a lot of anne rice books,
c)I thought buffy was really cool in my early teens.

Well, maybe a little of each.

So, I'm not really writing this so we could start an argument about whether vampires exist. I'm just merely sharing bits and pieces of what I know about them. Mostly through wiki, websites and movies. most are from vamp lore and fictions.

1)There is an alpha vampire. He is supposedly the 1st original vampire and he was not made but born a vampire. So every other vamps lurking around are his blood.
Copyright of Deviantart.

2)Correction, vamps don't go all sparkly or bling bling like edward in that twilight crap. They are Lords of the Dark and they are very sensitive to light. It causes them major discomfort. Some believe that vamps suffer from a disease called porphyria.They become sickly pale and is extemely sensitive to light.This condition is rare. U can google it if u want more info.

3)Vampires are sensitive to garlic. Well, I'd say vampires would be sensitive to anything that smells bad a whole thousand times worst that us. They're supposed to have super heightened senses. That means they can see way better than us and they could also smell way better than we do. Of course they'd hate garlic. They'd really hate cow dung too.

4)Vampires are sensitive to the cross. Well there's a technicality here. Actually, what vamps are afraid of would be faith in god. Sorry I'm not a christian so I wouldn't know too much in detail about it. However, I do know that someone that is an atheist or free thinker could carry any holy or religious objects and it wouldn't have an effect on the Vamp.

5)Vampires are good looking. Well...I'd say that would be a point worth arguing. To be honest, vampires stay away from the sun and they suck blood. Wouldn't that make them look very pale and cold, clammy like a frog? They should also develop skin diseases. On the other hand, if they don't look good, how would they lure humans get food right? I guess that's worth thinking about.


Anyway,that's all from me for now^^hope u like this post!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm not talking about the parent/sibling/friends type of argument. I'm talking about relationships here.

Sure, all of us who have ever been with a partner or love interest will be arguing at one point of time. If you have never argued with each other...seriously,ur just way too weird.

So what of this argument?

Yeah v shout and v scream and v might even jump and sob. The worst it is, the more it shows that u either really want to win or u really care about the other person. Okay so which one could it be? That depends on who u are.

So is arguing healthy in a relationship?

Perfectly but that depends on what type of arguments are u having.

According to Dr Gail Saltz It is an important part of a relationship.

Accordingly,ur partner is not u so having a difference in opinions is basically acceptable.

The only thing is u must find a way to compromise and reconcile ur feelings.U cannot be selfish and let it be unresolved because stacking them could prove fatal to ur relationship.U'll just bring it up again in the next argument and make it into a full blown confrontation.

So peeps, please do talk to ur partners when u fight.Don't be hateful and hurt ur partner by saying things u probably don't mean at the moment.Anybody could say hurtful things but it takes a freaking long time to mend the hurt u created.

So be nice and try to compromise...unless ur partner's a real jerk and always take advantage of the situation then it is time for u to get out of the relationship.

The funny thing about arguing is men and women will have basically the same type of responses and reactions throughout.Let's see if its true.


The hand.

Yep the hand is a classic example of a woman telling a man...damn I don't wanna listen no more.Shut ur hole cos I'm right.

Yep that's how a female reacts when u say shit and tries to come up with excuses.HAHA

The imitation

Yep women likes to immitate the voice of the men.In fact, she'll make it really high pitch and sound like the man only a lot more gay so that he will see how ridiculous he looks like.HAHA


"can v stop this now?/Are you/we done?"

Men like to ask that right after the ladies finished talking about something. Yep they hate long winded essays so ladies, get ur point across without twisting and turning.PLS!

"Please don't compare" hates it when women bring up things like "But the other couple I know and other guy I know will do this and that"

Don't compare ur man to another guy...its a serious mistake ladies.

Here are some quotes that may interest u on couple fights and u may just wanna work on ur relationship a bit the next time u get into a fight.

Couples are wholes and not wholes, what agrees disagrees, the concordant is discordant. From all things one and from one all things.

I see couples fighting about the stupidest things. You just have to rise above everything.
Sammy Hagar

I think it's healthy for couples to be away from each other for short periods.
Liv Tyler

Ideally, couples need three lives; one for him, one for her, and one for them together.
Jacqueline Bisset

Courtesy of BrainyQuotes

Always be reminded that ur a loving couple.Learn to love ur partner or love interest and set aside ur difference when u fight. Be supportive and kind to ur other half because it is extremely hard to find that special someone to share ur life with.Appreciate that.